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Less Is More.

Less is More.

So I have to admit, I am one of the many gals (and dudes) out there who don’t mind a good rip (or 40) down their jeans. I’m talking rips from the ankle, right round the pocket on the bum, and right back down through the knee.

I’m talking rips eerrrrrwhere. But what I don’t understand is that out of my denim collection, the jeans with the least amount of denim are the most expensive? Like, how does that make sense (insert clueless moment)?

When we go to the store and buy 6 dozen eggs are we suddenly paying double what we pay for a dozen? No.

So what I really need to vent is – WHY? Why. Why. Why. But maybe not so much why are the price tags like this, but why do I do this to myself? Why do I constantly pay more, for less? Although, those few inches of skin scattered around the leg really do pay for themselves now, don’t they?

Whatever the reason, whatever the trend I’m going to say most of us are guilty. If you once pledged to yourself that you would never wear ripped denim, you would have closed this post and maybe smirked to yourself thinking – pfft, yeah right that is totally not me. But that isn’t you. You’re like me. We are in this together; we are going to continue to pay more for less.

Because you know what they say! Less really is more.

Now I’m not here to get down on myself about my love for ripped denim. In fact I’m here to gloat. I’m here to gloat that I am a changed woman. I once pledged to myself I wouldn’t be a “Ripped Girl”. But like all those “quit smoking” “drink less” “read more” New Years Resolutions, I failed. I failed fast, and I have never looked back.

I caved, and I am where I am today because of it. Repping rips like no other – and yes, for your information, our new winter ranges still contain ripped denim, so if you feel like going back on a “No Rip Pledge” think again.

Thank the lord that our stock is trustworthy, there is no trickery behind paying more for less. We sell ripped denim for the same price as our other denim (in most cases) and we do not sell denim belts for hundreds of dollars. We get you. We feel your pain, and we don’t want you to pay through the roof for a hole through your knee.

No trickery here, just well priced denim.