Prints so Nice, we’re Wearin’ them Twice!

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Matching Sets.

Whether you cringe or you swoon, you probably can’t go far without seeing a girl dolled up in a matching print set. Everyone’s doing it; T-Swift, Rhi-Rhi, Queen Bey, Gwen Stefani, and even that fashion blogger you totally followed on instagram last night.

So what do we REAAAAALLLY think of this trend? Love or Loathe?

LOVE. Like, duh. Who doesn’t like revisiting their childhood when their mum would dress them in matching outfits – or was that just my mother? So, the reason why I love it, is because it breaks up a completely over-the-top and crazy print. Whether you don the matching set layered (no skin), or wear the set with your midriff hanging – it breaks up the print. It turns an otherwise eye sore of an outfit into a complete, well, set!

IF you’re like me and have that pear shape figure that does not allow you to wear bodycon dresses well, then the matching sets are an absolute GOD SEND! Because we all know if you break up a pattern in the middle, and show some of that skin, it somehow becomes ten times more flattering. Weird, I know. But I dare you to challenge me on that! DARE. YOU.

AND because here at Liberty we love keeping you all in the know, we have a few sets to show off, and a few more that are coming in our winter months.

Thank us later x