As far as I’m concerned, Leopard Print IS a neutral.

We have come a VERRRRRY long way in our journey of leopard print loving. We’ve come so far since leopard print made you think one thing and one thing only: SCARY SPICE (either that, or scary in general).

These days everyone & their damn dog can rep the lep (literally, have you seen those handbag dogs with the furry leopard print jumpers? I have.

Now that doesn’t mean leopard print is overdone, let me tell you one thing …. If there’s one thing I love as much as black it is animal print – so before you beeline for the “exit” button you animal print hater, let me explain myself.

Leopard Print has become a fashion staple. It is a wardrobe MUST HAVE. It is like the equivalent of the “man bag” to every ferocious female. But better – because it can’t talk.

Never have stripes looked so good as now; now, when people dare to clash leopard print against it. Never have your toes looked so sexy wrapped up in a pair of leopard print Riley’s && never have I ever felt more comfortable than rocking my mum’s leopard fur from her hay day – and I don’t mean to a “70’s rock” themed party. I mean down to the damn bottle-o late on a Saturday afternoon, ready for my night out.

All leopard everything. And a hint of black.

Winter is back ladies, so don’t be afraid to rip that animal print out of your closet, again. Because it’s back & won’t be leaving.