Pastels for PM.

Change is unavoidable.

It’s that annoying younger cousin who just discovered the “snapchat pout”. It’s that guy you casually dated for 2 weeks who wont. stop. calling. It is that inescapable girl from highschool who always got better marks – who pops up EVERYWHERE rubbing her success in your face. You get what I’m putting across –

    you cannot stop change and you cannot escape it

. Which is why I have learned to embrace it (I can’t say I do the same to my cousin or that ex “boyfriend” if you can EVEN call it that) but change, now that is something I have learned to accept. Like the change this season .. pastels in winter? Who would have thought.

Mmm, coming from the black-on-black-on-leopard kinda gal, I never thought I would don the pastel pink or baby blue. But I will tell you right now – I have. I’m rocking the pastels from sun up to sun down. Baby blue sweater, white shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers, that’s girly enough right? What about my oversized baby pink knit with dark purple lipstick. Yeah I did that too.

Point is, change has come and whether you accept it or not, you can play with it. No longer do you need to be that really girly girl with soft curls and clean hair to wear the pastel pink, nor do you have to worry about whether mint green is reserved for, well, mints. Pair it with stripes, pair it with black and make that mint green ball of yarn YOURS.

Here’s a hint: pastel ANYTHING and grey is an easy transition into the pastels in winter thing. Just go by the likes of Gigi Hadid, who be rockin that pastel-on-grey-on-black-on-white number. Pastel-on-Pastel? Whatever, she did that too and we LOVE it. Pastel-on-Pastel hasn’t gone past other big names like Bella Hadid or Bad Gal Rhi Rhi. Rihanna spotted rugging up in her pastel pink fur? Yeah girl, you rock that. Oh and don’t forget Kendall Jenner with her lemon coloured sweater with black & white pattern Aus Labels Skirt.

Trust us, this is ONE change you’re going to want to embrace. Colours for winter. Pastels for PM.