HOT or NOT, as told by the Liberty Ladies.

We mean NO offence to your own personal style, choice, or night club preference. We simply want you to get to know us!

We wanted to show you ladies just what us Liberty Girls think is HOT & what’s just not .. in our opinion.


HOT: BANKS – Anything, on repeat – Her voice, the remixes, the everything BANKS.
HOT: Marian Hill – Track: Lovit – Words cannot explain the super cool and “Rick Ross” feeling you get when you listen to this. We imagine ourselves in 6 inch stilettos holding a cocktail in one hand and the vacuum cleaner in the other. Sexy, but oh so independent.

NOT: Boy Bands – Please 1D, 5SOS – how many more abbrevations do we need? Come on, where is the originality? S2S & M2M girl bands > 5sos & 1D anyday. Soz, but not soz.

HOT: Pastels – Yes, we love. We love love love. You know what goes with pastel colours? Pasty skin. Think the angelic Amanda Seyfried with her porcelain skin. If she can go tan-less, then so can we. Winter just got that much easier.

HOT: Duster Trend – Big tick from us on this too. How do you look mysterious but oh-so-in-control all al the same time? An oversized duster coat that’s how. Am I wearing clothes under here? Who knows. Am I wearing my Pyjama top? Not sure … Did I spill my coffee down my dress but my coat is covering it? You betcha. Thankyou to the oversized beauty that hides all of the lumps & bumps.

NOT: Lace Skirts with Visible knickers – Please note, they literally did not mean “less is more”. More clothes people, more clothes.


HOT: Pop-Up Food Trucks – We LOVE – because who doesn’t love trying different cuisines whilst sitting in the parklands? Who wants to try out “Argentinian Cuisine” before their big date Friday night, buuuuut doesn’t want to pay big bucks? We do. Easy & Affordable.

NOT: Burger Challenges – PLEASE people, just stop. Your heart, your cholesterol is begging you to NOT eat that 6 patty burger in less than 20 minutes. So please, burger joints in Adelaide I BEG YOU to stop the challenges before their heart stops.


HOT: Pop-Up bars & Wine Bars – Classy, slightly more quiet and an array of good looking men (and women!) how could you say no.

NOT: RSQ – Please, that add on the radio is not fooling anyone. And no, booths do NOT make you better than everyone else on the dancefloor, contrary to popular belief.

Just a few little things to keep you guys in the loop of what we LOVE, and what we don’t hate, but just don’t favour …