Batter Up; Whites for the Win.

You’ve seen us lust over the clashing prints, the matching prints. The leopard neutral, the ripped to shit denim oh and the pastel ensembles. What you constantly see us swooning over is the all black ensemble. Black-on-black-on-black-on-me. What you HAVE NOT seen us swoon over yet is the ever so chic white-on-white.

Chic & untouched by me because, well who can keep white clean ALL day long? Not me. However, recently I have tried adding more white into my ‘drobe – including more layering shirts, more white shoes … and yes I have even replaced my all black Nikes & Reeboks with all white Adidas originals. Haven’t. Looked. Back. In fact, I don’t feel “swag” without them now. Did I mention they have a touch of leopard print? – It is a neutral, remember.

So tell me people, why didn’t I get onto the white trend long ago? Maybe I was scared. Maybe I thought I couldn’t wear leopard & white? Maybe those white flares in year 7 have scarred me. Maybe because black suits my black bob (and my black heart). And maybe because yes, I do feel skinnier in black.

But I’m over it, I’m crossing over the border and I’m entering the white lovers club, alongside big names, gigi hadidd, cara delveigne, t-swift, just to name a few. And why the hell wouldn’t I? White blazer, white pants – perfection. I didn’t take the plunge all guns blazing, however. I flirted with the idea, starting with the transition of moving my 5 black shoe shelves down, and my now 1 white shoe shelf at eye level. My “white” section in my closet is slowly growing bigger, and my hand washing pile is getting larger (god damn that makeup line on white collars!). But sure enough, i’m here. I’m wearing white, and so far so good – there is no red wine or black lipstick stains – because what accessories better with white than something so dark and dangerous as black. You didn’t think I was going completely cold turkey did you?

Anyway, do you want to do something that will really make you stand out? Yeah sure, it’s tricky pulling off the all black outfit with the black-heart-bitch attitude to go with it. But how many of you can pull of the chic all white ensemble – sans red wine/makeup stains – WITH the chic and elegant attitude? Probably not many. So take the challenge, step up to the plate ladies because T-Swift just hit a home run in her white pant suit, and you’re up to bat.