Baby Got Back.

Baby Got Back.

And I’m not sitting here flicking away at my keyboard about to be a hero and start skinny shaming, fat shaming or any-bloody-thing shaming. At. All. I’m talking ‘bout yo’ skirt! BABY GOT BACK. Those full A-Line midi skirts. What is there not to love? Don’t say the pleats, don’t you daaaaaare say the pleats.

For years and years I have watched movies set in the 50s and lusted over those waist lines and the full bodied skirts, showing only enough leg to warrant NOT shaving your legs this week. It’s flattering, it’s feminine but it’s just crossed the line. Full bodied skirts are now street.

Street. Style. You know what I mean, we’ve all seen those amazing fashion bloggers donning their sneakers and ballerina skirts holding their oversized SLR’s, with some form of printed tee. And don’t you dare tell me you didn’t swoon and immediately turn green with envy, because I know you wish it were you. Comfortable, effortless and so damn hot.

What are the perks of these skirts you ask? They clinch your waist, and leave room for those 7 sushi train plates you devoured at lunch, or that laksa you’re about to have tonight. They hide the sins, and they work WITH you, not against you. Whether you’re spicing it up with a crop for a night out, or a slouch knit and boots combo for a winter dinner date, the full bodied skirt needs to be your go to right now. Hell, chuck on some ¾ tights under there and keep warm … no one needs to know. No one but us.

If you’re not ready to wear what is deemed as the “awkward length” skirt, then you don’t have to. I’ve seen plenty of full bodied skirts that are above my knee in my times. But girl, you don’t know what you’re missing out on hiding those winter prickles. Once again, our little secret.

So add a full bodied A-Line skirt to your wardrobe, wear it like a ballerina, wear it like a punk (no – not you Avril), but most of all, wear it like a lady who knows that less is more. Less skin, more hair, that is.