Points ‘R Us.

Point-less? Nuh-uh.

There is nothing I can stress more than this seasons point trend. Nothing about it is pointless, it is purposeful, sexy, over achieving and anything but pointless. I’m talking those TB wrap around points, those leopard print points you’ve dug up from 5 years ago. I’m talking anything remotely pointy – ESPECIALLY pointed toe ankle boots. It’s taking western to the next level!

Nothing screams IMPORTANT like a pair of points. They instantly add class and enough sass to scare the absolute shit out of the hot guy at the bar. Just think of Victoria Beckham – one of her signature looks is a pair of points, whether they be nude, black, red or animal print – she does it, and does it well. I mean, I’m all for the point, but this lady takes it to the next level – wearing them on planes and on food shopping trips, no wonder the woman is so slender, that is a work out in itself wearing them all day! All hail Becks, not only has this woman snagged herself the most ridiculous looking human being on the planet, but she’s a mum, wearing stilettos every. single. day. PRAISE to you, kudos to you VB, you’re one sassy lady.

Now I’m not only fangirling this trend because Becks reps them hard, it is because they serve a purpose, MORE than to look good. We are more for this trend than fashion bloggers for their pressed juice & shellac combo Instagram post – and woah, is that a whole damn lot! Get those tootsies of yours into a pair of points, because lets be real, feet are not attractive and should most likely be hidden in a fierce point. Did you SEE Katy Perry’s toes? Dammmn, someone needs to introduce that girl to a pair of points, just sayin’. And believe me, I am not saying my feet are any prettier, but I just know better than to post them for the world to see.

I gotta say a big thankyou to the fashion god who brought back the point, it’s keeping me cover up my best kept secret, that not even shellac can fix; the secret of ugly feet.

Practical & Sexy, what is better than that?