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Classy is the Original Black.

If there is one thing i know, and know well, it is black. 

It is a new year, and that means new trends are going to come and go. But the one thing that i know will not change in 2015 is black. Black is like that loyal puppy that waits at the door for you to return home, or for some (who prefer not to wear black) like that annoying ex boyfriend that just wont leave you alone. 


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so however you may see black, you need to accept that it isn't going anywhere. Neither is it's little (more pale) girlfriend, White. Now that dynamic duo is more powerful than Queen Bey & Jay Z (oh yes i did go there). 


Below is a range to be released in early 2015 that we will be stocking in our Unley store. Pattern clashes, and monochrome blends - expect to see it all with this diverse little love duo. 


Oh, and while we are on the topic of new ranges hitting our stores, i will take the chance to introduce a few new labels to look out for at both stores: 


- Shanti Butterfly

- Piper Lane

- Three of Something

- Paint it Red 

- Shilla

- Ruby Sees All


& more to be announced!




Life is too short to be boring.

Life is too short to be boring. 

Or so they say. 


BRIGHT colours & Pattern Clash is right back in. We've all seen Queen Bey absolutely rocking her (barely there) playsuits with outrageous patterns, clashing with overstated accessories... and not to mention, occasionally a completely contrasted snap back. But does that make the rest of us boring when it comes to fashion? No. 


Yes, we may be seing colours and patterns right back in fashion, but no, it does not mean that if we do not wear these said patterns and colours that are are boring. Yes girls, it is time to embrace the fact that our racks are filled with colours again, and there are quite literally no rules to live by when it comes to dressing yourself (yes, stripes and animal print totally go). 


But don't feel like you have to, I'm still getting around in my all black, head to toe (quite literally, hat & shoes are black too). But i admire the colour and the chaotic fashion that i see everywhere. I love it and embrace it, i just don't dress in it.  

But i dare you this season, take the plunge. Who knows, i may even chuck in a few different shades of black in my 'drobe just to ruffle some feathers. 



Skin Tight, Yeah Right!

Paying homage to the wide leg pant, the billow tunic, and the floaty crop that are going to get me through this summer.


Long gone are the days that my pins will be out, and the skin tight dresses last through the night to the early hours of the morning. I am past that, and I am glad that the trends this season agree with me.


In store and online we will be showcasing a WIDE range of tunic tops, floaty maxi dresses and the ever forgiving wide leg pants. Look out for our "Indian Summer" range at Burnside, soon to hit online! Naudic, Holiday, Brave & True and Talisman are ready to drop their SECOND summer - and you are in for amazing boho styles from them. Not to mention their accessory range, donning some very indian inspired headpieces and neckpieces. 


If you're serious about this 'Skin Tight, Yeah Right' movement like we are, then look no further. We have got you quite literally covered up in the best summer gear now. 


Bring on baggy, and bring it on as baggy as you can get it!


We've seen the Olsen twins do it for years, and now it is time for us to jump on board and embrace the baggy. Are you going to embrace it with us?


Girly Meets Grunge // Bohemian Summer.

This summer has a forecast of Bohemian style; where even the girliest of girls meet grunge. 

We are all about prints, clashes & overstated neck candy. Coins, Tassels & Pom Poms. Give us texture; the more the better! 

I've never done the girly-girl thing, but lust over others who can throw on a white crochet dress and look beautiful. The Boho style, to me, is girly meets grunge. Earthy tones & strong textures plastered on top of doiley lace, or floaty maxi dresses. Chuck in some messy hair, and closed in boots (how impractical for summer, right?) & you've got me. 

 Remember, a world without Bohemians would be a bore. 

Below are a few of the visual inspirations for our buying for the season & personal styling. These are not our own photos.

Smells like a Santorini Summer.

Summer is coming. 

& nothing is more inspiring on fashion than culture. 


This season we are seeing white on white on white. 

We love the fresh summer styles - with the major contrast of our cobalt blue styles.


Think Grecian Goddess.


White, crochet, maxi & floaty styles; perfect for your own getaway!


Even if you aren't lucky enough to travel around the globe, you can feel like you're walking all 588 of those Santorini Steps. 


Keep that wanderlust coming strong, and don't forget to turn to your favourite travel destinations for fashion inspiration. 


Morocco, India, & Portugal - just to name a few of my favourites. 



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